Aged care and support services used by people with dementia

While many people with dementia are able to live independently and rely on carers, family and friends for assistance, there are a range of aged care services, as well as dementia-specific services available for those in need of support, as well as for their carers, friends and family.

The following pages present statistics and information on:

For the underlying data presented in these pages, refer to the Aged care data tables and the Dementia support services data tables.

For more information on aged care and support services used by people with dementia among different population groups, such as by First Nations people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, see Dementia in priority groups.

It is important to bear in mind that dementia is not able to be identified in all community-based aged care service data, which limits our ability to understand the use and need for these services by people with dementia.

Over 37,000 people with dementia completed a comprehensive or home support assessment in 2021–22
54% of people living in permanent residential aged care have dementia
Referrals to Dementia Support Australia services have increased substantially in recent years
Women with dementia were more likely to be living alone at the time of their aged care assessment than men