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These data visualisations show hospitalisations and deaths due to Cardiovascular disease in 2020-21. The data can be explored by condition and by age group, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, Socioeconomic area and Remoteness area. For all conditions, Indigenous Australians experienced higher age-standardised rates of hospitalisations and deaths. Age-standardised rates of hospitalisation and death were generally higher in socioeconomic group 1 (lowest) and in remote and very remote areas when compared to socioeconomic group 5 (highest) and Major cities, respectively. The rate of hospitalisation and death for most conditions increased with age, except for congenital heart disease which disproportionately affected the ‘less than one’ age group.

These data visualisations show the trends in hospitalisations and deaths due to cardiovascular diseases over time. The data can be explored by condition, age-group and sex. Between 2000-01 and 2020-21, there was a gradual decline in the age-standardised rate of hospitalisations and deaths for Cardiovascular disease. The age-standardised hospitalisation an death rates was higher for males than females and the age-specific rate of hospitalisations and deaths for Cardiovascular disease increased with age.