Stories from the heart

Kylie's story

‘I always thought that the typical candidate was someone who smoked, sported a beer belly, and had high blood pressure. I was a fit, young, non-smoking woman in my forties. A heart attack couldn’t happen to me – right?'

Kylie survived a heart attack and said cardiac rehab was a turning point in her recovery.

Kylie’s one piece of advice:

See your doctor and find out about your heart disease risk factors. Do it for the ones you love.

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Cyril's story

‘I always say, “you’re the CEO in charge of your own body”, you need to take control. Cardiac rehab provided me with the structure to get back to the activities I used to do.’

Cyril survived a heart attack and said cardiac rehab changed his life.

Cyril’s one piece of advice:

I feel cardiac rehab changed my life. It’s the best investment you could make – for yourself and your family.

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Warrawatja's story

'My attitude at that time was that while I was training, I could eat whatever I wanted. Ice cream. Junk food. I was burning it all up, so what did it matter? I knew for some time that I had high cholesterol, but I didn’t really heed the warnings I was given and thought because I was fit, I’d be fine'

Warrawatja is a proud Wiradjuri/Wonnarua man who at age 48, had a heart attack while training for a boxing match.

Warrawatja's one piece of advice: 

Take cholesterol tests seriously. I probably had high cholesterol for some time but thought because I was fit that they didn’t really matter. But they’re a matter of life and death.

Learn more about Warrawatja's experience on the Heart Foundation website