Cancer mortality by age visualisation

For many different cancers, this data visualisation provides cancer mortality data by age for a wide range of age groups. For this year and as part of the cancer mortality data investigations, two sources of mortality data are used for cancer mortality reporting (the sources are the National Mortality Database (NMD) and the Australian Cancer Database (ACD)). More information about the cancer mortality investigations is in Cancer data commentary number 8. General assistance of how to choose which source to use for reporting on selected cancers is found within the data visualisation. It is expected that guidelines to better help people select the appropriate data source for the selected cancer will be available some time in the near future. Help with terms, and information about the data, is available by placing the mouse pointer over the icons found near the top of the page.

Data visualisation of cancer mortality by age groups

Visualisation not available for printing

Cancer mortality by age data are available as supplementary tables.