This report provides a wide range of cancer related statistics including historical data ranging back to 1982 and projections up to 2020; the report will release statistics in stages this year. Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality (ACIM) books were available in the previous release of this report and are not available in this first release of the Cancer data in Australia series in 2020. While the majority of content previously available in ACIM is available in the first stage of this release, cancer risk, SEGI age-standardised rates and World Health Organisation aged-standardised rates are to appear in later releases.

Updates, corrections and superseded versions

31 Jan 2019 - Mortality worksheets in the ACIM books for colorectal cancer and cancer of other and ill-defined digestive organs have been revised to correct errors in the counts and rates.
Colorectal cancer (226KB XLS)
Cancer of other and ill-defined digestive organs (180KB XLS)

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