This report is the first of the Cancer data in Australia series.

The report provides a wide range of cancer related statistics including historical data ranging back to 1982 and projections up to 2021. The report is the result of an initiative to consolidate several existing cancer related products into a single comprehensive report. The Cancer compendium: information and trends by cancer type report has been discontinued with its general data content now available in this report. The Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality (ACIM) books remain available but are now released as part of the Cancer data in Australia series.

While the Cancer in Australia report series remains in production, the ‘Summary pages for selected cancers’ content will no longer appear within that publication and are instead incorporated within this report.

See the Cancer glossary for definitions of terms used in this report.


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Data quality statement

Australian Cancer Database

See the Australian Cancer Database 2013.

National Mortality Database (NMD)

The data quality statements underpinning the AIHW NMD can be found on

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