Cancer summary data visualisation

For many different cancers, this data visualisation provides a wide range of cancer-related statistics that, together, present a summary of national cancer data and trends over time. Help with terms, and information about the data, is available by placing the mouse pointer over the icons found near the top of the page. Please note that cancer mortality data has in the past been included within this visualisation but is only included within the Cancer mortality by age groups visualisation and Cancer risk data visualisation for this year’s report due to complexities in reporting.

This cancer summary visualisation contains four figures and one table. The visualisation presents statistics for the selected cancer and provides statistics by sex.

Figure 1 is a line graph that contains information on the number of cancer cases and age-standardised rates of cancer diagnosis from 1982 to the most recent year available for reporting at the time of release.

Figure 2 is a line graph that contains information on the crude rate of cancer diagnosis for various 5-year age groups from 0–4, 5–9, etc. up to 90+ for a selected year between 1982 and the most recent year available for reporting at the time of release.

Table 1 contains cancer diagnosis-related summary statistics such as the number of cases, crude and age-standardised rate of diagnosis and mean and median ages at diagnosis.

Figure 3 is a line graph that contains 5-year relative survival rates for the selected cancer in 5-year periods.

Figure 4 is a column graph that contains information on cancer prevalence (that is, the number of people alive at specified point in time who have been diagnosed with the selected cancer previously).

The visualisation includes information about many different cancers and the statistics within this visualisation are available in Excel format within the Data section of this report.

Please note that cancer incidence statistics from 2020 to 2023 are projections; all other statistics are derived from actual data.

Data informing the summary dashboard is available as supplementary tables.