The specialist homelessness services 2016–17 web report is the sixth annual report from the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection (SHSC). It describes the characteristics of clients of specialist homelessness services, the services requested, outcomes achieved, and unmet requests for services during 2016–17.

This report was first published on 14 December 2017. Additional material was added on 12 February 2018:

  • Cat. no: WEB 217
Findings from this report:
  • 261 requests for assistance were unable to be met each day

  • 2 in 5 clients had experienced domestic and family violence

  • Most homeless people were assisted into private dwellings: 16,000 in private dwellings and 11,000 in social housing

  • Housing the homeless: 4 in 10 were housed in social housing, 6 in 10 in private dwellings