16 Aug 2022 – About page and Summary page text: the number of babies was reported incorrectly as 295,796. The text has been updated to: ”In 2020, there were 295,976 babies born to 291,712 mothers in Australia.

22 July 2022 – Data tables containing preliminary data 2020 for Victoria (released 21 June 2022) were superceded.

9 Nov 2021 – An update was performed to replace data for smoking status in the ‘Smoking during pregnancy’ chapter and in other chapters where smoking status is a disaggregation.

2 Jun 2020 – A number of formatting issues in the data visualisations have been updated.

5 Aug 2019 – The key fact box within the data visualisation has been updated to show the latest data (2017) for the following pages:

  • Smoking
  • Place of birth
  • Gestational age
  • Birthweight
  • Stillbirths and neonatal deaths

27 Nov 2019 – The Admission to a special care nursery or neonatal intensive care unit key fact in the data visualisation has been updated to read “1 in 5 babies” rather than “1 in 6 babies”.