Australia's welfare: topic summaries


Australia’s welfare: topic summaries present information on important welfare topics across 42 web pages. Together, these summaries provide a comprehensive coverage of statistics for understanding welfare and wellbeing in Australia and provide links to more information.

The topic summaries are organised under the 7 domains of housing, education and skills, employment and income, social support, justice and safety, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and welfare in Australia. Click on the domain boxes below to see all the summaries under that domain.

Australia’s welfare: topic summaries are part of the product suite forming Australia’s welfare 2023. The suite also includes the PDF reports: Australia’s welfare 2023: data insights and Australia’s welfare 2023: in brief.

Participation in education provides foundations for academic and life success and education supports employment, income, health and life satisfaction.

Formal and informal support and connection can be vital and contribute to our wellbeing.

A person’s experience of crime and personal safety can affect their wellbeing.

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See Australia’s welfare 2023: in brief for a summary of the key findings and concepts from the Australia’s welfare: topic summaries and Australia’s welfare 2023: data insights that tell the story of welfare in Australia.

Download a point-in-time compilation of the Australia’s welfare: topic summaries (web pages), as at 7 September 2023: Download all topic summaries [PDF 18.9MB].