11 September 2023 – In children and crime section, one change was made to correct a minor typo, from 2.3 per 100,00 to 2.3 per 100,000.

25 Feb 2022

  • In the Social networks section, General Social Survey data was reported for respondents aged 15 and over living in households with at least 1 child aged 0–14 but was mis-labelled as respondents aged 18 and over. This has been corrected throughout the text.
  • In the Children and crime section, an explanation of the definition of family and domestic violence in recorded crime data was added.
  • In the Children exposed to family violence section, Figure 2 and supplementary table 4.2 in the Justice and safety data tables have been updated to correct the rate of assault perpetrated by a family member against children aged 10–14 years for Western Australia.
  • In the Smoking and drinking behaviour section, the definition of single occasion risky drinker and description of ASSAD data have been revised to better represent the data.
  • In the Attendance at primary school section, an incorrect reference for the Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers was corrected.
  • Minor formatting changes have been made to the Health data tables.

18 Mar 2020 - In the Family economic situation section, estimates originally published included all households with dependents, including households with dependent students aged 15–24 that did not have children aged 0–14. This error has been corrected and the revised proportions only include households with children aged 0–14.

18 Feb 2020 - In the Children with mental illness section, ‘intellectual disability’ was deleted from the bullet points in the second paragraph listing examples of mental illness.


25 Feb 2022 - New data tables in the Data section of Australia’s children present updated data related to the information domains: Health, Education, Social support, Housing and Justice and safety.