Application process

Before beginning the application for access to DOMINO data, researchers should have developed a project outline for access to the data and how this will be used to generate output. The AIHW can provide guidance on suitable uses of the data to help with this process: please email [email protected].

First-time users of the data

If it is your first time using the DOMINO dataset, we strongly recommend contacting the AIHW. We will advise if the data are able to answer your research questions, and ensure your application is complete and correct.

Project details to consider when describing your project

When describing your project goals in the DSS Project Summary form (below), we recommend you consider these questions about your data needs. If the answer to any of these questions is yes please contact the AIHW for assistance with determining the data needed for your project.

  • Does the output from the data need to take a particular form, for example so that it can be used in conjunction with other data tables?
  • Does your research focus on a particular segment of the population?
  • Is there already a result available that is similar to your project’s intended output?
  • Do you need to collect and compare results over multiple time periods? If yes, inclusion of additional variables may be required to ensure that data is consistently comparable across the time points.  If not, please specify the required time period(s).
  • Do you need your data processes to be peer-reviewed?

Application pack

This application pack contains the documents required for eligible individuals to obtain credentialed access to a subset of the DOMINO data. The AIHW provides access to the data via the Sax Institute’s Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE).

Please download, read and complete the following documents.

DSS Project Summary (DOC 78KB)

This document will be used by DSS to determine whether your proposal meets the necessary legislative requirements for accessing the data. Please ensure that you provide as much information as possible about your intentions with the data. When proposing your project, please ensure that you list all the variables you propose to access. The AIHW will contact the Principal Researcher (the individual making the data request) should further information be required.

DSS Data User Agreement (PDF 105KB)

A legally binding agreement between the researcher(s) and DSS. Please ensure that every researcher who intends to access the dataset has read and understood the Agreement and signed it in the presence of a witness.

DSS Sponsor Agreement (PDF 98KB)

A legally binding agreement between the nominated sponsor and DSS. Signatories must have the authority to certify on behalf of their organisation that the researcher is suitably skilled and an appropriate person to access the data.

AIHW Ethics Committee Undertaking of Confidentiality (s.29) for new applications (DOC 65KB)

A legally binding agreement between the Principal Researchers and the AIHW. The AIHW Confidentiality Undertaking requests the names of all researchers accessing the data.

After submitting your application

Once the AIHW has received and reviewed the completed application pack, we will forward it onto the Department of Social Services. The Department will consider whether to issue a Public Interest Certificate (PIC) that is required under legislation before access can be provided to data. If a PIC is issued, the AIHW will contact the researchers to arrange access to the dataset within SURE.

Additional documents

DOMINO variable list (XLS 24KB)

Comprehensive metadata will be provided in the near future. In the meantime please use this document as a guide for the data variables. If you have any questions regarding the variables please contact the AIHW by email: [email protected].

Sax Institute SURE Project workspace service fee schedule (PDF 135KB)

This pricing template is a guide provided by the Sax Institute. SURE data access costs contains current prices that reflect the setup arrangements that most researchers will use when accessing to the data. An exact price will be determined according to the number of researchers who require access, the number of virtual machines, and the power level of the virtual machines. An invoice will be emailed to you and, once payment has been made, all the researchers will need to complete SURE’s online training before accessing the data.

Further information

The Frequently Asked Questions page may contain the answers to your questions about the data and application process. If you have questions not covered here please contact the AIHW at [email protected].