This is the 14th time the National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) has been conducted since its establishment in 1985.

Results released for the 2022–2023 NDSHS are now available: National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2022–2023 report.

Fieldwork complete

The fieldwork for the latest NDSHS is now complete.

About 21,500 people aged 14 and over completed the survey between July 2022 and May 2023. It included a range of questions about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, and attitudes and perceptions towards policies and reforms.

The AIHW contracted Roy Morgan Research Ltd to undertake the survey fieldwork. Roy Morgan works to the Code of Professional Behaviour of the Research Society.

Thank you

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) would like to thank the people across Australia who completed the survey and shared their views and opinions on drug use and policy interventions.

Privacy and ethics

The survey results are confidential, and strictly protected by law. Section 29 of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987 prohibits the release of any information about individuals collected in the survey.

The research complies with the Privacy Act 1988, and the information is only used for research purposes.

The AIHW Ethics Committee has reviewed and approved the survey project.

It is important to note that this means participant anonymity is ensured, and survey responses can never be used for any form of law enforcement.

For more background about the NDSHS see National Drug Strategy Household Survey.