This page provides information for drug treatment agencies, state and territory health departments, and those involved in collecting and transmitting data for the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services National Minimum Data Set (AODTS NMDS).

See links below for further information on agencies funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care’s Drug and Alcohol Program (DAP).

When do I submit my data?

The timetable for data submissions for the 2022–23 collection is below. Final submissions are due in November 2023.

Changes for 2022–23

  • DAP and solely funded Primary Health Network (PHN) agencies sign off date changed from 31 December to 30 November
Timetable for data submissions for the 2022–23 collection
2023 Who What
August AIHW

AIHW formally request submission for 2022–23 data

2022–23 Validata tool available

September/October DAP and solely funded PHN agencies 2022–23 submissions to the AIHW


DAP and solely funded PHN agencies

Jurisdictions submit 2022–23 data through the Validata tool

DAP and solely funded PHN agencies final sign-off for 2022–23 data submissions by 30 November

December Jurisdictions Jurisdictions provide final sign-off for 2022–23 data submissions by 15 December

Data collection and submission documentation

Online training for the AODTS NMDS collection

Online training materials

The State and Territory AOD Peaks Network has developed resources to assist AOD services who report to the AODTS NMDS. These eLearning modules are available through the Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (QNADA) and facilitate improved data understanding, data quality, reporting, and confidence for AOD workers.

The information in this training is based on the 2020–21 AODTS NMDS Data Collection Manual. The manual is updated annually and the latest version should be referred to in the first instance.

There are 2 eLearning modules:

  • Module one covers the AODTS NMDS
  • Module two provides case studies

eLearning modules are available through QNADA.

Contact for further information

All enquiries email [email protected].