Data collected from organisations funded by the Department of Health and/or the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to provide one or more of the following health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: primary health care; maternal and child health care; social and emotional wellbeing services; and substance-use services.

Collection details

Temporal coverage

from 1 July 2008 to 30 July 2017

Geographical coverage

National and state and territory | Other 

Data availability

  • Publications
  • Summary tables published in electronic form
  • Client specified tables on request which may be subject to data provider approval (charges apply)
  • Unit records not available

Data scope

Around 270 organisations


Admin data | Survey

Metadata information and data quality statement (DQS)

Online services report database 2016–17 DQS

External links and information 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisations: online services report – key results 2016–17

OSR data collection instrument 2016–17


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