Provides information on infants with congenital anomalies in Australia.

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from 1/01/2016

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Data Scope

The scope of the NCADC includes births (both live births and stillbirths) with a congenital anomaly diagnosed until any age and terminations of pregnancy at any gestation due to a congenital anomaly (if this is available). This includes conditions in the ninth edition of the ICD10-AM, including Chapter 17 (Q00-Q99), P35 (congenital viral diseases) and P371 (congenital toxoplasmosis).

The scope for reporting from the NCADC is narrower than the scope for the collection as a whole. National reporting includes over 400 congenital anomaly condition codes at the 4-character level of the ICD-10-AM, that have significant medical, social or cosmetic outcomes for an individual.

Exclusions from national reporting included:

  •  anomalies diagnosed after 12 months of age
  •  where the anomaly was not collected across all jurisdictions
  •  where the anomaly did not pose significant health concerns for a baby in the first year of life or have major social or cosmetic outcomes. (These are based primarily on those listed in the WHO, the US CDC and the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance and Research)
  •  terminations of pregnancy prior to 20 weeks' gestation
  •  records that could not be linked to the National Perinatal Data Collection



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National Congenital Anomaly Data Collection 2021 DQS
(METEOR 754114)

National Congenital Anomaly Data Collection 2023 DQS

(METEOR 778058)

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