This is the eleventh in a series of surveys auspiced by the National Drug Strategy (and its predecessors) and the sixth to be conducted by the AIHW. It is a national household survey of non-institutionalised persons aged 12 and over. There were 23,855 completed responses in 2013. Fieldwork was conducted by Roy Morgan Research.

Collection details

Temporal coverage

from 30 July 2013 to 1 December 2013

Geographical coverage

National and State

Data availability​​

  • Publications
  • Summary tables published in electronic form
  • Statistics
  • Client specified tables on request which may be subject to data provider approval (charges apply). Restricted unit record access subject to Ethics Committee approval and/or agreement of the relevant data custodian (charges may apply). Researchers can access a confidentialised unit record file through the Australian Data Archive, free of charge: NDSHS 2013

Data scope

Private dwellings from people aged 12 or older. Excluded: non-private dwellings (hotels, motels, boarding houses, and so forth); institutional settings (hospitals, nursing homes, other clinical settings for example drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, prisons, military establishments and university halls of residence); homeless persons; and the territories of Jervis Bay, Christmas Island and Cocos Island.



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NDSHS detailed report: 2013

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