This is the tenth in a series of surveys auspices by the National Drug Strategy (and its predecessors) and the fifth to be conducted by the AIHW. It is a national household survey of non-institutionalised persons aged 12 years and over. There were 26,648 completed responses in 2010. Fieldwork was conducted by Roy Morgan Research.

Collection details
Classification/dimension variables
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Indigenous
  • SLA
  • RA

Temporal coverage 

from 29/4/2010 to 14/9/2010

Geographical coverage

National and State

Data availability

  • Publications
  • Summary tables published in electronic form
  • Statistics

Client specified tables on request which may be subject to data provider approval (charges apply).

Restricted unit record access subject to Ethics Committee approval and/or the agreement of all relevant data custodians in all states and territories (charges may apply).

Data scope 

The estimates for 2010 contained in this publication are based on information obtained from people aged 12 years or older or 14 years or older (as specified) from all states and territories. The scope of the survey was residential households, and excluded institutional settings, hostels, motels and homeless people. Foreign language interviews were not conducted.



Metadata information 

National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2010 – Data Quality Statement

External links, data quality statement (DQS) and information

2010 National Drug Strategy Household Survey report


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