Since 1991, disability support services in Australia have been provided under 4 national disability agreements. The Commonwealth/State Disability Agreement Minimum Data Set (CSDA MDS) collection was set up in 1994 as a 'snapshot’ after signing of the first CSDA in 1991. The 1998 CSDA reflected significant changes, requiring the CSDA MDS collection to be redesigned, including changing the collection to a full year data collection. In 2002–03, it became the Commonwealth State/Territory Disability Agreement National Minimum Data Set (CSTDA NMDS). The first financial year of data collection was 2003–04. The National Disability Agreement replaced the CSTDA on 1 January 2009. As a result, from 2009–10 the CSTDA NMDS was renamed Disability Services National Minimum Data Set (DS NMDS).

Collection details

Temporal coverage

from 1 July 1994 to 30 June 2017

Geographical coverage

National and state and territory

Data availability

  • publications
  • data cubes
  • summary tables published in electronic form
  • statistics
  • client specified tables on request which may be subject to data provider approval (charges apply)
  • restricted unit record access subject to Ethics Committee approval and/or the agreement of all relevant data custodians in all states and territories (charges may apply)

Data scope

Covers specialist disability support services provided under the National Disability Agreement.


Admin data

Metadata information and data quality statement (DQS)

DS NMDS 2016–17 

DQS 2016–17

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