I need enduring access to the data for future research projects. Can I gain access for over one year?

Legislation and the associated Public Interest Certificate Guidelines mean that researchers are required to describe the purpose for accessing protected information. Consequently, researchers are required to submit new applications for each project. It is expected that individual projects will not run for over a year but each proposal will be considered on its merits.

What information is needed for the application form?

You should include in your complete application forms sufficient information to show how the variables will collectively be used in generating the output. The types of output you will produce, or expect could be produced, should be specified, including how they fit into the project as a whole. Indicate whether they are the main output for your project, or if they will be used in conjunction with other data or summary tables.

It is expected that you will attach a comprehensive project plan and timeline to your application.

Can I bring other datasets into SURE?

It is possible to bring other data into SURE. However, this must be requested in the project summary form submitted during the application process. The AIHW will review any data to be uploaded to assess any risk of re-identification.

Data integration will need to be conducted in accordance with the arrangements for Statistical Data Integration Involving Commonwealth Data, noting in particular the Guide for Data Integration Projects Involving Commonwealth Data for Statistical and Research Purposes .

What happens to my program code once my access to SURE ends?

It is possible to archive the project workspace at the end of your project, although there is a cost for this. Alternatively, files that do not contain data can be downloaded from SURE following approval from the AIHW.

Is the data updated?

The DOMINO data set are expected to be updated periodically, possibly annually. Updates may include amendments to data for earlier periods. 

How long will it take to get access to the data?

Development of your project plan may require one or more discussions with the AIHW to ensure that the data are able to answer your project goals and that there are no confidentiality issues with using the data.

After submitting an application to the AIHW, DSS will consider the project’s merits to determine whether to issue a PIC, which typically takes up to five working days. The AIHW and the Sax Institute will then organise the setup of the working environment with the researchers. This can take two weeks and is highly dependent upon the researchers having time to assist with enquiries and undergo the necessary training. After this, and creation of the project space, researchers will have access to the data for the project.

Is it possible to follow the trajectories of target population segments?

DOMINO is a longitudinal data set. By placing conditions on the data it is possible to compare the trajectories of segments of the population. This can include examining how long certain populations may remain dependent upon welfare benefits and which underlying traits may lead to this.

For this type of investigation we strongly recommend considering how some data may be censored by the start and end date of the data collection, as well as changes to benefit eligibility and information collection.