SHS Training

Most states and territories offer ongoing face-to-face training programs for the SHS collection, so look out for training opportunities that are advertised or direct your queries to your state/territory department.

The AIHW offers online training via webinars and these are particularly useful if face-to-face training is not available in the near future, or your remote location makes travelling for training difficult. Webinars are regularly advertised in the latest SHS e-Newsletter.

The AIHW website also has e-Learning modules and resources to train new staff members to enter data into SHIP.

Latest news (updated monthly)

1 August 2018 (458KB PDF) 

SHS Collection Manual 

SHS Collection Manual (July 2017) 


SHS Validata™ Manual (August 2018)

Validata™ e-Learning module
This e-Learning course is divided into the following lessons and it is recommended that you work your way through them all.

  • How to access Validata™
  • How to navigate through Validata™
  • How to upload and submit extracts
  • How to create and administer user access

Sample client forms

From the beginning of the 2015–16 reporting year the AIHW will no longer be processing paper client forms. However, the sample forms below can be useful for collecting client data which can then be entered into your agency’s client management system.

Initial client form – SAMPLE (July 2017)

Ongoing client form – SAMPLE (July 2017)

Unassisted person form – SAMPLE

SHIP e-Learning material

New and updated SHS data items – July 2017 (520 KB PDF)

This module steps you through changes to the SHSC which were implemented on 1 July 2017.

New and updated SHS data items (SHIP users) – July 2017 (1 MB PDF)

This module steps you through changes to SHIP which were implemented on 1 July 2017.

SHIP tips for data entry (735 KB PDF)

This module outlines some general data entry tips that you will find useful.

SHIP helpful hints (1.1 MB PDF)

This module outlines some general hints about SHIP client management functionalities.

Entering a family into SHIP using SHIP copy-over functions (2.7 MB PDF)

This module steps you through how to efficiently enter a family into SHIP making use of SHIP’s copy-over functions.

How to add extra family members to an open support period (545 KB PDF)

This module covers how to add new family members to a presenting unit after the support period has been open for some time (updated May 2017).

How to complete a status update (1.0 MB PDF)

This module steps you through how to complete a status update for individual clients and family groups.

How to fix status update errors (925 KB PDF)

This module outlines where to view status update errors, how to resolve errors and re-run a status update.

How to identify and report on specific agency programs (1.3 MB PDF)

This module steps you through how to add a list of your agency programs to SHIP, how to enter programs on client records, and how to output reports and lists about specific programs.

Viewing validation results on SHOR and fixing critical errors in SHIP (1.1 MB PDF)

This module covers: viewing validation results, understanding a failed status report and withdrawing an extract from SHIP.

From SHIP to SHOR guide (1.8 MB PDF)

(July 2013)

Other resources

Disability flag: questions and answers (80 KB PDF)

Privacy information card (335 KB PDF)

SHS agency training manual (2.1 MB PDF)

How to interpret table 5.7 of your statistical summary (160 KB PDF)

Everything you need to know about passwords (1.1MB PDF)