The Data Availability and Transparency Scheme (DATA Scheme) was established under the Data Availability and Transparency Act 2022 (DAT Act). The scheme aims to increase the availability and use of Australian Government data to deliver better government services, inform better policies and programs, and support research and development.

Under the scheme, accredited users from Australian, state and territory governments, and Australian universities can obtain and use Australian Government data. Data must only be shared in the public interest and only occur for these permitted purposes:

  • government service delivery
  • inform government policies or programs
  • research and development.

Not all AIHW data holdings are eligible to be shared under the DATA Scheme.

Data privacy and confidentiality continue to be maintained under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987. The DAT Act does not override these obligations.

See the Office of the National Data Commissioner website for more information about the DATA Scheme.

How do I request data under the DATA Scheme?

Accredited users may make a DATA Scheme request via Dataplace.

Dataplace is a whole-of-government digital platform that makes it easier to request Australian Government data. It facilitates data sharing agreements, data requests, and provides training and templates to help manage requests and agreements.

After you have made a request

We will let you know if the data is already available through an existing option or product. We have embedded the Five Safes framework into our approach in making decisions about sharing and releasing data. Access may require special approval, which in some cases must be given by the data providers and may incur a data transfer cost.

If we decide not to share data under the scheme, we will provide you with written notice, inclusive of our reasons within 28 days of the decision.